38 Tech Related Business Ideas

Having a business idea is definitely the first step in starting a business. But how do you know if your business idea is right for you?

If you are looking for profitable tech business ideas to start your entrepreneurial life you have come to the right place.

This list of over 38 small tech related business ideas includes everything from personal services to retail opportunities.

Use this list to find innovative tech business ideas that will be perfect for you.

1. Program apps

An app that offers its users real added value can still be a good source of income today in 2021, after the great boom in smartphone applications.

2. Open Coworking space

Coworking has become more and more established in the modern world of work in recent years and has gained many followers. If you live in an area where the offer is still relatively thin, it is definitely worth opening a coworking space yourself.

3. Found an online magazine

By placing ads, affiliate links and collaborations, you can monetize your own online magazine (which may grow out of a blog). But be careful: there is more work behind this business idea than you might think.

4. Open online shop

A third of world population shop online at least once a week. Does this sound like a lucrative business area? Absolutely! The online shop business idea is more popular than ever.

5. Establish marketing agency

Are you interested in the different forms of marketing and have you acquired extensive specialist knowledge over time? Your own agency could be your entry into successful self-employment.

6. Become a virtual assistant

This business idea is ideal if you want to work from home. As a virtual assistant, you support your customers in various office matters. Organization should therefore be your great passion.

7. Establish textile printing companies

Whether T-shirts for a stag or hen party, fan articles for bands or an individual gift for a loved one – with a textile printing company you address very different target groups.

8. Design smart clothes

The clothing industry is undergoing an interesting change. More and more items of clothing are becoming smart – a property that is particularly interesting for athletes and health-conscious people.

9. Become a videographer

With regard to online marketing, a clear trend has been emerging for some time: If you want to attract attention, you can use videos to present yourself. The best conditions for everyone who wants to become self-employed as a videographer.

10. Offer online courses

E-Learning, i.e. further training using digital processes, is inspiring more and more people. Benefit from this development, for example by developing your own online courses on the subject of XY and offering them for a fee.

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11. Offer computer training for seniors

Another tech business idea that has emerged from advancing digitalization. If you are patient and can explain (relatively) complex processes easily, you can, for example, teach seniors how to use computers and other technical devices.

12. Become a graphic designer

As a graphic designer, you can look forward to a varied work day. Your services are needed in both the print and online areas.

13. Become an influencer

Admittedly, a business idea that only very few can earn money with. But if you already have the necessary basis – for example a good YouTube channel or many Instagram followers – it is definitely worth thinking about monetizing your work.

14. Develop games

No matter whether classic board game or digital game for PC and console – if you come up with the idea for the next groundbreaking game, this can certainly be the cornerstone for your successful independence.

15. Convert campervans

If you search for the hashtag #vanlife on Instagram, you will find more than 4 million entries. Traveling with the mobile home is currently very popular – and at the same time offers the ideal breeding ground for various business ideas. How about, for example, converting classic vans and vans into chic motorhomes?

16. Become a software developer

IT experts are desperately needed everywhere right now. One area that has proven to be particularly lucrative is software development. If you have the relevant skills, you can develop a worthwhile business from this.

17. Become a copywriter

Do you have a good sense of language and love to write your own texts? As a copywriter, you can work for different clients and earn a living.

18. Write an e-book

Although the market for e-books has grown rapidly in recent years, there is always a need for special niches. So if you have a journalistic streak, like to write and are also a competent contact person in sought-after specialist areas, you can try to build a stable passive income by creating e-books.

19. Create review pages

In times of e-commerce, more and more people are buying online. Where the advice from the seller used to take place directly in the shop, today many read countless purchase reports before making a purchase and make their purchase decision dependent on it.

This offers a business area for people who, on the one hand, like to write (and write well) and, on the other hand, deal intensively with new products and services and can explain them well.

20. Become a Voice actor / Narrator.

If you speak like James Earl Jones or Scarlett Johansson, a number of digital publishers (including game developers, animation filmmakers and training video producers) pay a lot of money to have their talented voice dubbing or narrating their materials.

Your investment for this purpose is not very intensive. That is, a great business idea. You can find these editors looking for your voice on sites like PeoplePerHour, Freelancer and Upwork.

21. Become a Freelancer Proofreader and Editor

As long as there is still the written word, there will always be a need for editors and reviewers. Independent editing and reviewing not only pays a decent hourly wage, but it also gives you the opportunity to read about potentially interesting topics.

In addition, writing and editing texts as a freelancer can provide you with a lifestyle that allows you to travel the world as a digital nomad.

You can find many job opportunities for companies and individuals who need writing, proofreading and editing services at Upwork.

22. Become a translator.

If your command of another language is good enough to understand grammar and spelling, translating is a big deal to play and can be done remotely.

23. Become a ghostwriter

Ghostwriting pays very well and if you are talented in researching and creating excellent content on a given subject, you can quickly build a list of clients who pay very well.

Writers like Jeff Haden have created very lucrative careers for themselves, writing for corporate executives and CEOs – and Jeff also started his ghostwriting career as a side job while working as a full-time factory manager.

24. Run your own YouTube channel

The topic “influencer marketing” is currently very popular in fashion. You can benefit from this business idea by starting your own successful YouTube channel, which can be done very well as a part-time job.

25. Hardware repair service

If you have previously assembled your PC yourself instead of buying it or have been repairing your friends ‘and acquaintances’ PC, smartphone and printer for years, you can also start your own business with a corresponding repair service.

26. Dropshipping with your own online shop

This is an advanced idea. With dropshipping you run your own online shop, only you do not need to have the products in stock in a capital-intensive way, nor do you have to worry about shipping or expensive returns.

27. Start upcycling companies

Take an old material and some manual skill, garnish the whole thing with an extra portion of creativity – and the upcycling product is ready. This business idea is not only sustainable and individual, but also pretty cool.

28. Become a social media manager

As a social media manager, you are an expert when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. More and more companies are handing over these channels to an external professional.

29. Become a WordPress Site Consultant

Countless companies enter the world of the Internet using a website hosted on WordPress before upgrading to other more complex solutions. Many of them pay hundreds of dollars for someone to create them.

If you have the patience to learn how to do this on your own, it will be an extremely valuable skill and a lucrative idea for extra income.

30. Become a Podcaster

If you can create a regular audience for your podcast on a specific topic, it will be a great way to get sponsors and fund your work.

Of course, it helps if you already have an online audience that you can ask them to listen to your podcast regularly, but that doesn’t stop thousands of people from building successful businesses through podcasting.

31. Provide Customer Service

Some companies outsource their customer service operations and many of these companies accept freelancers who work from home. You can start by signing up on freelance sites, like Upwork.

If you are already a customer service specialist and have management skills, you can form and lead a virtual team online and create an excellent customer service company and provide customer service training to teams and people.

32. Become a small business marketing consultant

If you have experience with marketing, SEO or the ability to get people excited about the products and services you use regularly, consider refining your skills and putting them into practice as a small business marketing consultant in your region.

Especially if you can become an SEO expert in the region and can help local customers rank better in search engine search results. Companies of any size constantly need to bring in more customers and this is where you come in with your business idea.

33. Open mobile senior shop

Society is getting older – a fact that offers space for completely new business ideas. As the owner of a mobile senior shop, you can provide pensioners in the country and in old people’s homes with generation-specific products.

34. Become a blogger

From now on, you won’t be able to make any money as a blogger. In order to turn this into a business idea, you should have done some preliminary work.

35. Cloud-based services

Companies now need to back up effective storage facilities for communication and interpolation. Companies are looking for online platforms that offer cloud technology. You can charge according to the space offered.

36. Establish moving companies

Hardly anyone likes to move – after all, this is a sweaty job. But the greater the chances of success for you as a budding moving company.

37. Open a DIY photo studio

Do you think photo booths are the highlight at every party? How about an entire studio in which the customer is not only a model but also a photographer? Remote triggers make it possible.

38. Program the configurator

Tailor made products be it furniture, clothing or jewelry make customers’ hearts beat faster. Offer your target group exactly what they want with the help of an online configurator.

Bonus tip

Be creative! Have a look around in your close surroundings, which business ideas have been successfully implemented or ask friends and acquaintances if they have tips for you.

If you liked these tips, share them on your social networks and don’t forget to leave a comment below with your questions and suggestions.


About Faheem Rafique

The author is an entrepreneur and business writer with over ten years of experience in the field of small business ideas, marketing and branding. Let's connect if you have anything to discuss!

Best 51 Profitable Tech Business Ideas TE-24

As time passes, technology is invading our lives ever more deeply. Many tech-related businesses have prospered recently, exemplified by Apple and Amazon having achieved a trillion-dollar market valuation. This trend appears set to continue as the tech industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Technology companies are at the forefront of the global economy, and their success shows no signs of slowing down. The biggest firms in the world now focus primarily on tech.

Companies rely on technology, a worldwide industry that continues to grow, rarely affected by recessions.

Digital Marketing

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Top 51 Tech Business Ideas & Opportunities

Looking to launch a tech enterprise? Here are some great ideas for those in the IT field.

1. Data Mining

These days, many organizations rely on data mining techniques to make decisions in numerous aspects of their business. Data science professionals who possess experience in this field can benefit from pursuing a career in data mining, as it is both rewarding and lucrative.

Find out how to launch a successful data mining business.

2. SEO Business

Many businesses are now taking their operations online. Digital competition is fierce, and as such, SEO remains a critical element in success. Professionals holding expertise in this field can help companies improve their content’s search engine visibility.

3. Digital Advertising Business

Online businesses and customers are thriving, driving a significant increase in advertising and digital marketing. With your platform, businesses can target their audience on the web.

4. Digital Marketing Agency

Companies can find their digital needs met on your platform. A digital marketing agency offers a wide range of online services, from SEO to advertising to content marketing.

5. Computer Parts Manufacturing Business

Creating components for computers can be a sound business strategy. Narrowing the focus to a specific niche market opens up opportunities to target a select customer base.

6. Create a Social Networking Platform

Global competition dominates the social networking sphere, but creating a platform specific to your local area might be successful if you can provide what the target audience needs.

7. Web Designing Services

Web design and coding skills are needed for this business. These can be learned or hired under you. Moreover, there’s still a lot of opportunity in the tech industry for website designing services.

8. Software Development Service

Even though the software market is mature, it still has growth potential. You can become a full-time or freelance software developer and even launch your own business by developing programs for clients, which could be highly lucrative.

9. Mobile App Services

Mobile app services are gaining popularity. Clients can hire you to not only develop and build apps, but also to offer post-sales support and training.

10. Tech Shop

If you have both an online and brick-and-mortar business, a tech shop is a great retail concept. Aim to give people somewhere to visit for all their tech needs, from product purchases to device repair. Tech shops are among the most successful tech-based businesses in the world.

11. Cyber Cafe

Nowadays, running a cybercafe might not be possible, yet many people still prefer to access the internet in a cafe. You can offer printing services and turn it into a shared workspace with other technological resources.

12. App Development Service

Working with mobile apps is now integral to all successful businesses. Becoming an app developer offers both freelance and full-time opportunities, making it a great career choice.

13. Cloud-Based Services

To engage in efficient communication and interpolation, modern businesses necessitate backup storage services. Exploiting cloud-based methods for both organizations and individuals is therefore a practical solution.

As such, companies are searching for digital outlets that feature cloud technology. You can set fees based on the room authorized.

14. IT Equipments Service

IT businesses require services such as repair and maintenance to keep their infrastructure running smoothly. You can provide your services through equipment like servers and other resources to these companies.

15. IT Equipment Sales

For IT businesses, apart from services, procuring equipment is also necessary. Sellers can either source the equipment at an affordable rate or buy them in bulk.

16. Smartphone Repair

Seeing as so many people own smartphones, there’s a need for repair services. Setting up a shop to provide customers with on-the-spot repairs is an option. A pickup and delivery service could make it even easier for customers.

17. Online School

As online education becomes more popular, providing course materials and video classes directly to students offers a great solution that conserves both time and money.

18. E-Library

Through an online portal, you can create a library to offer access to ebooks for rent. Digital educational content such as ebooks is highly sought after on the web.

19. Online Book Store

Instead of an online e-book store, why not create a store that sells both digital and physical books? You can also get the licensing rights to sell books from other authors on your platform.

20. Social Media Consultancy

Companies often require expert advice regarding social media usage. Social media advisors assist organizations in developing content and plans for their social channels.

21. Technical Writing Services

Companies in tech typically need blogs, articles, and social media content. You can start a full-time or freelance writing service or even create your own ebooks to sell online.

22. Tech Video Channel

Starting a tech-related YouTube channel is a great way to combine your penchant for speaking and editing videos. Not only that, you can potentially make money or land endorsements through your platform.

23. Live Streaming Influencer

Nowadays, people are eager to engage in digital communication through live streaming. Platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, Instagram, Twitter, and others make this possible. Additionally, influencers have the potential to monetize their efforts.

24. Live Streaming Service

With the right knowledge, you can start your own live-streaming business and help clients with navigating the platforms.

25. Online Video Platform

Creating a website or app to host and share video content is a great idea. Users can then access the video content shared by other users.

26. Online Tech Store

Due to the large number of people buying digital items online, you can launch an online tech shop. You have the option of offering a range of digital products and gadgets either via your website or third-party e-commerce platforms. First, locate reliable suppliers then list the goods you want to sell.

27. Sell Digital Products Online

You don’t need your own website to sell digital products. Once you’re registered, with your products ready, upload them and start selling. Alternatively, you can create an online store to grow your sales.

28. Shopping App

Design an app to make it possible for customers to shop from their mobile phones. This will give them a more convenient way to browse your products and purchase what they need. Your app should be tailored for smartphones.

29. Tech Blog

tech blogging is another great way to make money online. Start your own blog where you can pick the topics you are most passionate about and monetize it with ads or sponsored content.

30. Tech Podcast

Instead of recording videos or writing blogs, consider launching an online podcast. Share your knowledge on the newest gadgets and updates in the tech industry.

31. Computer Setup Service

Providing computer setup assistance can help you make money. For a fee, you can guide customers through the technology setup process and even sell them parts they may need.

32. Computer Training Service

Teaching computer literacy is a great option if you have some technical knowledge. You can offer courses, workshops, and private tutoring sessions.

33. Online Research Service

Digital research involves utilizing strength to investigate. Different research tools can be utilized depending on the company. The gathered data helps organizations gain multiple focused perspectives.

34. Online Podcasting Platform

If there is a limited audience available, you can provide them with a platform to upload and distribute their podcast material which can help increase their listeners.

35. Music Streaming Service

A platform featuring music of all genres can be created, however, different licenses will be necessary. Popular streaming services are a great source for determining the proper techniques to use.

36. Video Content Streaming Service

Similar to an audio streaming service, you can create a video platform where people can explore and watch unique films and content.

37. Tech Gadget Rentals

Adopting the rental business model can be a great opportunity, as many customers are unable to purchase gadgets for certain needs. Offer short-term rentals of gadgets and let users return them when finished.

38. Sharing Economy Platform

A sharing economy platform is a way for users to exchange goods and services with one another. Establishing this type of platform allows users to connect with one another.

39. Tech Consultant

If you’re tech-savvy, you can establish a consulting business. As a tech consultant, you can advise clients on their technology investments and software implementations.

40. Remote IT Service

Start a business from home providing IT consultations. Assist clients in solving questions and issues, and tackle various IT-related problems.

41. 3D Printing Manufacturing

Experienced with 3D printing? Try creating components or objects and then selling them online. You may even be able to start a small manufacturing business.

42. Robotics Manufacturing

To succeed in this field, it is important to gain expertise. You could manufacture items, create components, and provide robotic services.

43. UX Service

UX service is critical for platforms, providing guidance on how best to utilize websites and apps. Additionally, it offers support with features to guarantee a positive user experience.

44. Live Chat Service

Live chat has become a must-have for tech businesses, allowing them to quickly and easily connect with customers. With successful marketing, this technology can produce significant returns.

45. Chatbot Creator

Chatbots leverage AI to enable customers to chat with them in real time. This innovative technology has a lot of potentials since businesses and clients can benefit from it greatly.

46. AI Platform

By tapping into the lucrative AI and machine learning market, you can assist companies in incorporating this technology to autonomously answer queries and carry out other tasks.

47.  Web Analytics Service

You will provide businesses and website owners with analytics to help them improve performance, including customer conversions and other online activities.

48. Influencer Marketing Platform

The Influencer marketing platform focuses on online advertising strategies. Companies can utilize it to acquire new customers, which you will help them accomplish by connecting them with suitable influencers.

49. Refurbished Device Business

An alternative to buying brand-new devices is to check and refurbish second-hand ones with new parts and then sell them, both online and offline. This can bring customers better value for their money.

50. Smartphone Accessory Manufacturing

Smartphone accessories are a great business opportunity. Examples include phone covers, charging cables, speakers, protective glasses, and lenses. You can also manufacture these items and supply vendors.

51. Online Dating Site

With internet dating becoming increasingly popular, coming up with a localized dating platform catering to people in your area could be successful. Doing so would give you an edge over the international competitors in this growing industry.

The ideas listed above are some of the best strategies for starting a tech business on a budget, with plenty of room to grow.

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About Faheem Rafique

The author is an entrepreneur and business writer with over ten years of experience in the field of small business ideas, marketing and branding. Let's connect if you have anything to discuss!