How Does OnlyFans Make Money? OnlyFans Business Model

OnlyFans is an alternative to Patreon where people who enjoy someone’s videos can pay them directly through the site instead of relying on ads. Adult performers use the service because they don’t want to rely on advertising income anymore. They can earn money from their fans without having to worry about censorship.

How Does OnlyFans Make Money? is one the most popular questions on our minds when we watch OnlyFams grow from a small app into a popular hub for professional models, celebs, and other influencers to interact with their followers directly.

Fans pledge a certain monthly amount of cash and in exchange, they get access to exclusive material that isn’t available anywhere else. It gives fans an easier way to stay connected with their favorite stars.

As thousands of content creators join OnlyFans every week, it’s becoming ever more important to understand how this site generates revenue.

On OnlyFans, there are three main ways people earn revenue: monthly memberships, PPV, and tips. Fans choose which models they want to view and tip them accordingly. Memberships generate 80 percent of revenue for the creator and 20 percent for OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a membership platform where users can create profiles and share photos with others. Users get paid through the site for sharing photos and videos they upload, and also earn points for interacting with other members. Members can also purchase premium services such as private chats and video calls.

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What is OnlyFans?

Back then, if content producers wanted to earn income from their creative efforts, they had to either start a company or get hired by one.

With platforms like OnlyFans, creators can easily create content for an online community without having to go through any middlemen.

With the advent of social distancing and lockdowns, OnlyFans has seen an explosion in popularity. For context, OnlyFans had only 60,000 members in 2019 and now has over 1 million members in 2020. We’ll explore why OnlyFans is so popular and how it works.

Technically speaking, only fans is a social media platform that allows people to connect with each other through photos and videos. It was originally designed to be used by celebrities to share intimate moments with their fans, but now anyone can use it to post pictures and videos. Although some of its members don’t allow pornographic material, most of them do.

The features of Onlyfans are similar to what you’d see on a social networking site. The homepage is a curated collection of content from all your followers. You can send messages to your followers, and you can “like” and “share” their posts.

The main difference between only fans and other social media sites (such as Facebook) is that users can transact financially through the site. For instance, on Facebook or Twitter, you can’t buy something from another user through the site; instead, you have to use a third-party service.

There isn’t much else available on Only Fans beyond the messaging and homepage.

OnlyFans Business Model

A Brief History of OnlyFans

The founder of the company has previously launched several precursors to his current venture. His first attempt at building an online community was back in 2011 when he created a fetish porn video-sharing platform for men interested in kink.

Next, Stokely created Customs4U, a site where adult performers could create custom content for their fans and sell it to fans directly. This was very similar to OnlyFans but without the social networking aspects.

After hearing about people who were using social media platforms like Instagram to promote their own personal services and then selling direct to clients, Stokely decided to create his own platform to help others sell directly to clients.

When Instagram began cracking down on sexually explicit images, Stokely decided to create a platform where everyone could post whatever they wanted.

History was made.

Who Uses OnlyFans?

Recently, OnlyFans has become a common shorthand for adult-rated creative content. But there are lots of people who aren’t into hardcore porn.

Some famous people, including Bella Thorne and Cardiac B, use Instagram Stories for their fans to connect more personally than they would on other platforms.

There are currently about 50 million registered members, so there are plenty of fans to go around. It’s available in most countries, which gives it a global reach.

With the number of high-profile celebrities using the service increasing, the user population will only grow larger. Eventually, the explicit nature of the site may be replaced by a more family-friendly one.

How Does OnlyFans Make Money?

There are several different methods that creators can use to monetize their content. Each method allows them to earn some extra cash by selling their own products. However, these additional earnings go directly back into, so the more they earn, the better off the platform becomes.

As of 2020, only fans have paid its creators over $2 billion.

A staggering statistic is that it took OnlyFans approximately four years to reach the first one billion dollars paid out to content creators. However, it only took a few weeks for the second billion.

OnlyFans Revenue and Growth Statistics

Here you can learn about the history of OnlyFans and the growth it has seen since its creation.

How Do Creators on OnlyFans Make Money?

Creators can make money in three main ways:


Most OnlyFans creators lock down their profiles so that only paying members can view their posts. Some monthly subscription plans start at $3, but some cost up to $50 per month.

High-profile creators usually charge a higher monthly fee than average OnlyFans account holders.

A user has to choose whether he wants to subscribe monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually when signing up for an account.

Pay-Per-View (PPV) Content

There are actually two different ways that creators can provide PPV (pay-per-view) video streaming services to their viewers.

Subscribers can share the content by posting it on their walls, so anyone who subscribes can view it immediately. Alternatively, they can send the content to people directly via private message.

You can either pay for the subscription yourself or ask someone else to pay for it on your behalf. Once the person who paid for the subscription has accessed the content, he/she can view the material, which can include photos, videos, or audio files.


Fans can tip content producers at any point for any sum. However, for sums below $5, OnlyFans asks users to use funds from their digital wallets. Sometimes, fans will tip via direct message, or they can pay using their credit card.

Many creators will ask for a certain tip amount and then release their content once they receive payment. This differs from PPV content because there is no direct lock behind a paywall. Instead, the content is released after the payment has been received.

You can tip a user a max of $100 per month during the first 4 months. Afterward, the limit increases to $200.

How Users Pay Creators

When creating a user account, people can link multiple payment methods, such as debit and prepaid cards, bank accounts, gift cards, and loyalty points. They can then pay creators directly through these services, rather than having to wait for them to reach into their wallets. People can also spend money within the app itself, either by buying virtual currency or paying for items.

With this option, customers can only add $10 at a time. They can then choose how much credit they want to spend each month. When the balance reaches zero, users will be billed again.

How Creators Earn More Money

It seems logical that the site would be interested in making it easier for creators to upload their own videos. After all, that’s how OnlyFans makes its profits.

On both sides, however, there has been no real improvement in the user experience for creators. Much of the work falls on the creators themselves, so they have to be creative about how they monetize their own channels.

Here are some ways for you to earn money from YouTube videos.

  • Social media integration – While OnlyFans doesn’t directly integrate with social networks, many content producers leverage their social audience to increase earnings. Typically, they refer their fans to the “only fans” URL in their bio.
  • As OnlyFans doesn’t have its own creative platform, they rely on third-party services for creating content. Therefore, they need to learn how to use video editing software and photo editing tools.
  • One-to-one chats – While Onlyfans offers an easy way to communicate with your favorite creator, it doesn’t offer any direct communication options. You cannot send messages to individual people or make video calls. However, you can connect with friends through social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp. In addition, you can also use third parties such as skype, yahoo messenger, and google hangouts to talk to your favorite creator.

Most people who create content don’t get paid because they’re not built for it. They usually earn less than $145 per month. But if you want to be a creator, you can work full work on content creation and marketing, becoming your own media business.

Conclusion: How Does OnlyFans Make Money?

Today, we looked at how OnlyFans helps adult entertainers and influencers make their own income online by providing them with an easy platform for monetization. We took a deep dive into the pricing structure, conversion rates, and how OnlyFans has changed the way this industry works. Finally, we provided detailed instructions on how you could begin making your own income using OnlyFans.

Since it’s a relatively new platform, OnlyFans hasn’t disclosed much more info about its earnings. But from what we know so far, it seems Like the site is profitable.

Instagram gives people a chance to feel good by showing off their best photos. However, they can get even more satisfaction from using OnlyFans, which not only allows them to show off their best photos but also earn some extra cash.

With OnlyFans’ meteoric rise, it has already dominated the amateur porn industry. But with more stars signing up, its future may not be so bright. We’re curious to see if Only Fans will become more sophisticated or if another competitor will swoop in and take their place.

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