200+Catchy Event Planning Business Names & Suggestions

After doing a ton of research, we’ve compiled a list of unique and appealing brandable domain ideas for your new events management company. We’ve even included a step-by-step guide to naming your new company!

After reading our article, you will be able to…

  • Name your business fast!
  • Find out how to create a unique name for your new business venture
  • Business names are one of the most important aspects of any company. They need to be carefully chosen to reflect the nature of the business.

You want your brand to be professional and trustworthy. It reassures clients that they will get an exceptional experience when booking their wedding with you.

We’re here for you when things get sticky.

Let’s get started right away!

200+ Event Planning Names

Whether you’re short on resources, need some inspiration, want to know which companies are most likely to be hiring right now, or just want to see who else is out there, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the best business name ideas for you!

Planning Business Names

A list of best event planning names for business owners.

Here are some ideas for naming your new business:

  • The Perfect Day
  • Sensational Events
  • Plan Discovery
  • Adorn Events
  • Wanted Weddings
  • Basket of Gold Events
  • Alpha Events
  • crazy
  • Council Planners
  • Posh and Polished
  • Extended Occasions
  • Ovation Planer
  • Night Party
  • Expedited Events
  • Obey Planer
  • The Perfect Affair
  • Even Better Events
  • Plannersaza
  • Ocean Dream Weddings
  • Plan Adventure
  • Upbeat Plan
  • My Dream Wedding
  • Great Wall Weddings
  • Wedding Gurus
  • WildWest Planners
  • Rare Affairs
  • Elisa Events Weddings
  • Cloud Planning
  • Elevated Weddings
  • PlannersoLogy
  • Showcase Plan
  • Planer Tutor
  • The Events Network
  • Key Planners
  • Boardroom Planning
  • Headline Planning
  • Exquisite Wedding

Most Catchy Event Planning Business Names

Here are some of the most eye-catching event business names:

  • Happy Snaps
  • The Party People
  • Planners Safari
  • Plan Base
  • Elite Events
  • ABC Planners
  • PlanPlannerGuide
  • Platinum Living Events
  • Party Pies
  • Venue 1000
  • Citadel Planer
  • Royal Occasions
  • One in a Million
  • Emotive Concepts Planners
  • orient
  • Three Cheers
  • Bridepride Wedding
  • Planer Range
  • Enchanted Visions
  • Birthday Bash
  • Showtime Weddings
  • Sunset Gardens
  • Day Makers
  • Cosmic Event
  • On-Point Planning
  • StartupPlaners
  • Stages Events Planners
  • Check Event
  • Helping Hosts
  • Life events
  • Elegant Linens
  • Plan Hall
  • NightWeGo
  • PlannersPlans
  • Wedding Elements
  • JoyPlaners
  • Noteworthy Events
  • Planning Rise
  • Great Event Planners
  • Rings Planer
  • PlanaPlaner

Many stylish event planning business names

Here is a short checklist of stylish event planning company names:

  • Always Floral
  • Precision Planning
  • Craziness Party Planners
  • Breakaway Planners
  • Plan Front
  • Complete Wedding
  • Brilliant Event Planners
  • Forever in Love Weddings
  • Beyond Events
  • Track Plan
  • Canyon Planning
  • Bargains Plan
  • Serene Solutions
  • myPlannify
  • Something to Celebrate
  • Hotrod Planer
  • planner
  • Dream Come True
  • Watch me Plan
  • Sweet Kiss Event
  • Heavy style events
  • Bridgewater Planning
  • Save the Date Co.
  • Planer Channels
  • Your Big Day
  • Dark Roast Events
  • Unlocked Events
  • Inspired Events
  • Alpha Event Planning
  • Dazzling Wedding Designers
  • Strategic Planners
  • Life Design Events
  • A Day to Remember
  • Elegant Occasions
  • Butterfly Planer
  • Tie the Knot
  • Be Our Guest
  • Custom Planners
  • Put on a Party
  • Magical Moment Weddings
  • WOW Event Planning

Most Classy Event Planning Business Names

Here are some great names for incredibly classy events planning companies:

  • Sun Planning
  • Big Days By ‘your name here’
  • EventPlan
  • Rose Gate Events
  • Event Executor
  • Quality Event
  • Party Experimenters
  • Cambridge Avenue Events
  • Longhorn Event
  • Happy Events
  • Premier Events & Decor
  • Big City Events
  • Weddings Unveiled
  • Style Organizers
  • Love Ministry
  • Award-Winning Events
  • Every Step Events
  • Homegrown Event
  • Country Club Event
  • City Slick Events
  • Candid Event
  • Dare to Dream Events
  • The Posh Affair
  • Unforgettable Events
  • Five Star Events
  • Beach Promises
  • Planners Pedia
  • Event Consultancy
  • PartyPerfect
  • Event Horizon
  • Magnificent Moments
  • Big League Events
  • Event Concept
  • Affairs to Remember
  • Vision to Reality
  • The Event Platform
  • Tap Planning
  • The Bridal Walk
  • Event Rising
  • Hardcore Planners
  • Upstream Planning
  • Events Expo
  • Unique Events
  • Dream Bridal Show

Coolest Event Planning Business Names

Here are some really cool event business names:

  • Exotic Planer
  • Crystal Waterfall Event Planning
  • Keys Planning and Events
  • Divine Planners
  • Destination Studio
  • CreativeCorner
  • Storybook Weddings
  • Happy Happenings
  • Olympia Planners
  • Lily Events
  • Coverage Planning
  • Tec Planer
  • Luxurious Planning
  • Day Makers
  • Streetwise Event
  • The Planning Experts
  • Bouquet Garni Events
  • Party Planning Deluxe
  • Perfected with Polish
  • The Royal Day Events
  • Wedding Wisdom
  • Party Perfection
  • Party Life Productions
  • Etiquette Events
  • PartyPerfect
  • Idol Event
  • Twisted Planer
  • Just Marry!
  • DreamTeam Weddings
  • Dancing Leaf Events
  • New Couple Memories
  • Firework Events
  • The Wedding Gear
  • The Bridal Helpline
  • Dream Network Events
  • Events Architects
  • Supreme Setups
  • Front Row events
  • Dream Day Weddings
  • Dream Wedding Management

Most Creative Event Planning Business Names

Here is a list of some of the best names for an events company:

  • Management Visions
  • Planners Vault
  • Dance Dance
  • Escrow Plan
  • Wedding Wishes
  • Memory Makers
  • Clever Countdown
  • Planet Parties
  • Planners Centric
  • Innovate Planners
  • Satin Event Planning
  • Hardcore Plan
  • Elegant Event Planners
  • Event Exact
  • Scope Event
  • The Bliss
  • The Right Plan
  • Serenity Planer
  • Big Bash Event Planners
  • Event emporium
  • Classy Events
  • Modular Event Planning
  • Dewdrops and Sunlight Events
  • The Planning Paradise
  • pLandEvent
  • Happenings
  • Everything Planners
  • Remember the Moments
  • Master Planer
  • Today’s event planning
  • Bazaar Event
  • Lifeline Planning
  • Expert Events Planners
  • Eventful Minds Planners

A totally unique event planning business name

Here are some ideas for names of events planning companies:

  • Buttercup Events
  • Simply Party Planners
  • Style Mania Planners
  • Bamboo Grove Events
  • Event Fling
  • Espresso Planer
  • Aroma Planners
  • Oak Street Wedding Planners
  • Simply Suited
  • Notch Event Planning
  • Start to Finish
  • Slick Planning
  • Planners Last
  • Best Kids Party
  • Remedy Plan
  • One-of-a-Kind Creations
  • Echo Event
  • Earthbound Planer
  • PlanPlanner
  • Dare to Dream Events
  • Ceremony Celebration
  • BirthdayBlings
  • Outstanding Events
  • Diamond Receptions
  • White Dove Memories
  • Ultimate event planner
  • Planning Pros
  • Hearts Desire
  • Spectacular Events
  • 360 Degree Planner
  • Enchanted Celebrations
  • Making Memories
  • Spotlight Event Planners
  • Dazzling Party Planners
  • Freedom Planners
  • Happy Planners
  • Even Charms
  • Waterfall Weddings Planning
  • Prime Time Entertainment
  • Wedding Team
  • TopLine Planer
  • Splendid Stories Event Planners
  • Dream Organizers

Here’s how to name your event planning business…

If you’re looking to create your own unique business brand, there are some things you need to consider.

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But we assure you that following these ten easy guidelines will help you name your event planning business much easier.

Easy to remember is a must.

Choose a name that is short and simple. What you want is for people to remember your company name right?

After choosing the best keywords for your business, write content that is short, precise, and describes your business well. It would be even better if the keyword is related to the event planning industry itself.

It will help if you choose such terms in the names of your products or services.

2. Consider using Rhyming words

Choosing a rhyming word for your event planning company name will make it easier for people to recall and recognize it.

Word-of-mouth marketing will be used at its best because saying funny things is fun and makes them laugh. So they’re likely to share your business with others.

3. Should be Easy to Read And Pronounce

This point closely relates to the first point. You should try to pick a natural-sounding local term for your business.

Because mispronouncing your event planning business could change its connotation and might be harmful rather than helpful.

You may want to conduct some research on the languages your target audiences use. This way, everyone who reads your content can understand it easily.

5. Be unique.

You should definitely pick a name that hasn’t already been taken by anyone else. And you should definitely pick a name that isn’t even close to anything that someone else has chosen.

Because your potential clients may mistakenly pick another company instead of yours, creating a unique name also helps avoid any issues related to trademarks and SEO optimization.

You don’t want to create more hustles in an already busy event planning industry.

Conduct trademark verification searches for any terms used in your domain name

If you’re not sure whether you need a trademark for your event planning business, here’s why you should consider one.

Trademarks are easy to register; if you’re from the United States, go to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website.

Before doing anything else, check to see if there is an existing domain name for the name you want to use. You can do this by searching the same governmental website you used to register the original name.

Find out if the domain name you want is available.

Make sure that the name you chose for your business has a matching.com domain available.

Because having the same name as your company name will help improve professionalism in the eyes of potential clients.

It will also improve your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) performance, which will improve its visibility and boost your service volumes.

You can use a variety of online platforms to see if your desired domain name is available.

For more information, visit our blog post: How to check domain name availability.

8. Make sure your site is optimized for SEO.

To be able to benefit from the future, you need to consider SEO friendliness when designing your site. Because most people tend to look for things online before they buy them, you’d want to give yourself the best chance to be seen by them.

If you want to be able to get traffic from Google searches, then try to include words that people might type into the search bar when they’re looking for something related to your business.

To avoid using the name of an established business for your new company.

If you already know exactly what kind of business you want to start, then

A niche business has an edge because there will always be people who prefer their events to be planned by that particular type of company.

For instance, if you know that you specialize in catering bachelors’ parties, then you could include “bachelorette” in your company name.

If potential clients want to book a bachelor party, they’ll be more inclined to choose you than a generic company.

9. Try to Personalise The Name

If you personalize the name of your business, you can create an interpersonal relation­ship between your business and its clients.

It helps in retaining existing customers and returning them back.

It will also help prospective clients decide whether they want to use your services or not. There will be some similarities between them and your company.

If the business is located in a certain city or town, incorporate that into its name.

For example, South New York Planners, Downtown New Yorker Weddings, etc.

1. Create an email address for yourself that looks professional.

Just having the exact same web address for your business shows professionalism and increases your business’ credibility.

Showcasing that you’re a skilled and hard-working business that wants to grow.

A professional email account also helps increase the trust and credibility of your event management company.

Your company should be considered a brand name.


After everything has been completed, there is one last step. You need to enjoy yourself while selecting the name of your event management company.

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