The Best Small Business Ideas in Nepal

Nepal has a lot of opportunities for starting up new businesses. Hence you can start from here and earn a good income. We’ve listed some of them below.

The economy of Nepal has grown very rapidly in recent times. Therefore, you have a great opportunity of starting your business in this country. Many industries in Nepal have not been used effectively. You can begin your business in such industries as alternative energy or biogas and make a lot of money.

Nepal has a large pool of manpower. So there won’t be any shortage of manpower.

There are many different ways to go about growing your business. You need to choose one of them.

The Best Business Ideas in Nepal

The Best Business Ideas in Napal

IT Consultancy

With increasing internet connectivity and digitalization in the country, there are many opportunities for companies in the IT industry. You can start an IT company and offer various kinds of IT-related services including software development, cloud computation data management, upgrading systems, networking, etc.

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App Development

Digitalization and eCommerce both are linked with mobile application development. If you have knowledge about the technology then you can make a booming enterprise of mobile applications in Nepal. Be creative, and innovative and create different types of applications for businesses as well as public utilities.

Health care applications have a great demand in Nepal. You will require your website and digital marketing strategy for this type of work. Online Training

I am not sure how much money you can make if you do online teaching. But if you are willing to work hard then you can surely get success. There are so many people who are ready to pay for quality education. So why not take advantage of them?

Teaching/Online Teaching

Teaching is a very lucrative business idea in Nepal. With the right teaching skills, you can earn thousands of dollars per month. However, you must start your own business or work part-time initially. Once you build a reputation, you can offer private lessons or enroll in a training program. Either option requires extensive research before starting out.

Real Estate

Real Estate is an expanding industry in Nepal. If you have the capital, you can build houses or commercial buildings in urban areas. Alternatively, if you just want to earn money through a real estate agency, then you can make contacts between the buyer and seller and receive a commission. A good site is essential to your success in the real estate business, so you should consider investing in one.

Photography and Videography

The picturesque country known as Nepal has a wide range of uses for photographers. Not only for tourists, but you can also profit from your skills by using them for various types of corporate projects, news publications, and events. You will need quality equipment, a website, and internet and off­line advertising to attract more customers for your photography services.

Business Consultancy

The booming economy of Nepal requires experienced professional consultants. If you have expertise and experience, you can start your own consulting firm.

You’re supposed to provide a lot more than just one service. You need good networking and marketing skills to succeed in your business consulting.

Digital Marketing

Digital advertising has great potential in Nepal. You can begin your own digital advertising agency in Nepal and make a lot of money. In this business, one needs to offer services like SEO consulting, organic SEO, online advertising, social media management, etc. One also needs a good site for his/her business and a proper structure of the marketplace to attract more customers for his/her digital advertising agency.


Online shopping has gained popularity in recent times. People are buying groceries online. Shopping for electronics, clothes, home appliances, and many other things has also increased. You can sell these items online too. To make an online store, you require a website. A website should be attractive so that people visit it often.

An effective marketing strategy helps in increasing sales. Promotion plays a vital role in getting customers. Advertising is one such method to promote your product.

Internet Service Provider at Villages

Rural areas of Nepal lack good broadband connections. Therefore, you can set up broadband connections in rural areas of Nepal. To ensure fast connection and reliable service, you should deploy broadband infrastructure in rural areas. In addition, you can open cybercafés in rural areas and make money.


Nepal is one of the best places for adventure sports. You can start a trekking company in Nepal offering services such as treks, rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing, horse riding, climbing, kayaking, camping, hiking, zip-lining, and much more.

You can start a local travel agent in Nepal providing services such as hotel booking, flight ticket booking, car rental, bus tickets, and taxi service. You may also provide tours and sightseeing packages.


The fast-growing hospitality industry in Nepal offers lucrative opportunities for those who wish to enter the field of tourism. With an increasing number of tourists visiting the country every year, the demand for hotels is also growing. In addition to this, the government of Nepal has recently introduced a special tax incentive scheme for foreign investors interested in setting up hotels in the country.

Thus, if you’re planning to enter the hospitality sector, then you should consider investing in hotels in Nepal.


The bakeries business has a good demand among people in Nepal. You can open a brick & mortar shop or an online bake shop and make good money in Nepal. Bake delicious baked goods like cake, cookies, bread, muffins, pies, etc. along with that, you can offer different types of baked goods according to customer’s demands.

An online bake shop has a great market in Nepal and hence it is a profitable business idea for you. To run an effective online bake shop, you must have a good website and social media presence.

Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas in Nepal

small business in Nepal to Know

Solar Panel Manufacturing

Solar power is an increasingly popular source of renewable energy. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it also offers a number of advantages such as low cost, high efficiency, and no emissions. For these reasons, solar power is becoming a very attractive option for both residential and commercial users.

However, before starting your own solar power project, you should know what kind of equipment you’ll require.

Wind Turbine Manufacturing

In order to make money, you must find a market for your product. You cannot sell something unless people know about it. For example, if you are selling a new type of computer software program, you should advertise in magazines, newspapers, and on television.

Another method of advertising is through direct mailing. When you send out direct mailings, you must include a brochure describing the benefits of your product. Finally, you may also offer special discounts to attract customers.

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

Agriculture is the main industry in Nepal. Thus, you can start an agriculture machinery manufacturing company there. Start with small machines like hand sickles, axes, etc, and grow your business by scaling up your operations.

Incense Making

Incenses/Agarbattis have a high demand in Nepali. There are many Templates and Buddhist Monastries where incense sticks are used regularly. Apart from that, there is a good domestic demand for incense sticks. Therefore, you can start an incense manufacturing business and earn a good profit.

The factory doesn’t require large amounts of capital. You just have to be able to understand the production processes. A good marketing and sales network is required to get good profits from your incense-manufacture company.

Candle Making

Candle making is an extremely lucrative business in Nepal. Electricity cuts are quite frequent in this region and so people need candlelights. There is also a huge demand for decorative and scented candles in this part of the globe.

Medicinal Herbs Plantation

Nepal has a rich source of medicinal herbs. Hence you can begin organized cultivation of medicinal herbs and market them to local retailers and even export them.

The government of Nepal has classified 30 types of medicinal and aromatic plants, some of the common ones are Phyllanthus Emblica, Dioscorides Phyllanthus, Aconitum spp., Berberis aristata, Cinnamomum Tamala, etc.

There exist local agro-based businesses and pharmaceutical companies in Nepal, your herb garden can be a supplier of ingredients to them, thus giving you a good income source.

Coffee Plantation

In order to make money from your home-based business, you must find out what kind of products sell best and where they’re sold. Then you should try to get those items into stores near you. You’ll probably find that people buy them online instead of visiting retail stores.

That means you could end up selling a lot of products yourself without ever having to leave your house!

Handicraft Store/Selling Online

Nepal has a rich history of crafts including handcrafted goods such as wooden carvings, bronze sculptures, brassware, leatherwork, carpets, woven cloths, embroidery, paper products, woodcarving, pottery, glassware, jewelry, musical instruments, clothing, foodstuffs, and much more.

These items have a high market value and are exported throughout the world. Therefore, starting an eCommerce website selling these products would be profitable. Online shopping is becoming popular nowadays and people are buying various items online.

So if you own an item that is unique and handmade, then you should consider selling them online.

Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is a viable income option in Nepal. Start small-scale dairy farms in the countryside. Buy cows and goats for milking. Get veterinary services regularly. Sell raw cow/goat’s and buffalo’s (cow+buffalo) milk and other dairy products.

Look for markets where you can sell your products. If you have capital then set up a dairy factory to process your own product.

Poultry Farming

Chicken farming is an excellent investment opportunity for those who wish to invest in Nepal. In order to start a successful chicken farm, one must ensure that he/she gets proper training and guidance. One should also seek help from experienced people who already run such farms. He/she should keep in mind that the best chickens come from healthy birds.

Therefore, one should take care of the health of his/her flock. For instance, one should feed them nutritious food and provide them with adequate space. Also, one should make sure that they do not get sick due to improper feeding. Finally, one must ensure that the chickens are vaccinated against diseases.

Organic Cultivation

As agriculture is a dominant occupation in Nepal and organic farming is becoming increasingly popular, growing organic crops could be an excellent business idea for you if you’re willing to invest time and effort into setting up an organic farm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I own a business in Nepal as an ex-pat?

Yes. Foreigners may own up to 100% of a business in Nepal without any restrictions.

How can I get funds for my startup in Nepal?

You can get financing support from various sources for your business in India. First, there are startup meets where you get to connect with potential clients. Second, there are government subsidies. Thirdly, there are capital providers like Gurkha Development Bank Ltd., CG Ventures, etc. Fourthly, there are individuals or networks of angels who provide financial backing.

A Himalayan region is a place where there are many opportunities for business development. If you plan and prepare well, you’re sure to succeed and earn a good income.

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