39 Best Business Ideas in Bangalore

For many people, there is a great desire to become self-employed. Just try something different and break out of the boring everyday work. Challenge yourself and start your own business.

There are endless possibilities to start a business in Bangalore. If you’re still looking for profitable business ideas in Bangalore, then read this post! Among other things, we have listed 39 different start-up ideas. Maybe there is something for you too.

To make it easier for you to find the right business idea, here are 39 different ideas for working in a business.

Best Business Idea in Bangalore

1. Web design

With so many websites, a good design is an absolute must to stand out from the crowd. As a freelance web designer, you improve the design of unsightly websites – visually, functionally and structurally.

The blogs of the successful independent web designers show current trends and tips in web design. Skillshare offers online courses that give you knowledge quickly and make your customers happy.

2. Web development

As a web developer, you have skills that are in high demand. With the help of various cost-effective and free programs, you can quickly familiarize yourself with the matter. As soon as you have the knowledge, you can start your first projects and start a side business.

Codecadamy and Treehouse are two websites that will help you learn to program for free. You will also find a large number of orders for the self-employed on various project exchanges.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Successful affiliate marketing means: Have a website that is so interesting that companies want to place their advertising on your site. You earn money as soon as visitors to your website interact with the placed advertising.

The best-known example of affiliate marketing is probably test or comparison sites that link to Amazon. The site tests corresponding products, such as headphones, and links to the headphones that have just been tested on Amazon, so that the customer can order them directly. The site operator receives remuneration for each item sold.

Affiliate marketing is also possible on YouTube by including links to partner sites in the video description.

4. Virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you independently support companies and individuals with their organization. The decisive advantage: It doesn’t matter where you are. Communication takes place over the Internet.

There are various platforms such as cloud secretary that mediate you as a virtual assistant.

5. E-learning

Are you an expert in a specific area or program? If so, create an online course and pass on your knowledge. E-learning is playing an increasingly important role. If you have any questions, the Internet is often the first point of contact and nothing stands in the way of your independence.

6. DropShipping

Ever thought of drop shipping ? What does that mean? In short: You are a merchant of a product and sell it to your customers without having physical contact with the product. The establishment of an online shop is relatively quick. In addition, you save storage and transport costs.

7. Open a deli

Wine from Chile, cheese from France or spices from India. Gone are the days when groceries were preferred as cheaply as possible from the discounter around the corner. The trend is towards special and unusual foods, of the highest possible quality and if possible from sustainable production. If the advice is still right, people are also willing to spend a few euros more on their food and drink.

With your own deli, you can use this trend for yourself: high-quality products, a pleasant atmosphere, extensive product knowledge, small bites to try and an occasional event, perhaps with a local chef. These are the ingredients of success for your own deli around the corner.

8. Copywriting

Do you always like to write? How about a side business as a copywriter? There is great demand for good copywriters in the online and print sectors.

9. Fitness coach

If you’re already spending your free time in the gym anyway , a side business fitness coach might be right for you. Once you have proven yourself as a coach, your customer base will slowly but surely grow.

10. Translator

Interpreters are needed almost everywhere. If you already speak fluent Chinese or another exotic language, it is worth using this ability and becoming independent!

11. Open the food truck

Perhaps it has always been your dream to have your own restaurant and cook for people. Try your luck first with a food truck and find out whether the demand is big enough.

12. PC and smartphone repair

Do you love screwing on all technical devices? Then start your own business with a PC and smartphone repair service. At the beginning, you can try it out in your circle of friends.

13. Become a music teacher

Do you have a particularly good command of your voice or a musical instrument? How about a side business as a music teacher? The rush in music schools is always big. If you gain a good reputation as a private music teacher, you will quickly have enough students together.

14. Program an app

There is now a suitable app for almost everything on your smartphone. Maybe you have the idea that nobody had before you! All you need is the necessary programming skills.

15. Become a dog walker

While dog walking has long become a trend in the USA, there is still plenty of catching up to do in this country – so your chance! But what exactly is dog walking? However, not every owner has the time to go for a walk three times a day or to play with his four-legged friend in the park.

This is where the dog walker comes into play: for a fee, he takes the dog for a walk, plays with him and takes care of him.

16. Become a franchisee

The number of franchise companies in Bangalore has increased significantly in recent years. They are now available in almost every industry. Would you like to have your own branch? Then franchising could be the solution for you!

17. Wedding planning

If you are enthusiastic about organizing birthday parties and other festivities, you could start your side business as a wedding planner. The need is great and the payment is good.

18. Computer training for seniors

Older people, in particular, need support to find their way in our digital world. Are you perhaps particularly familiar with technology and the Internet and can you explain well?

First, ask your friends if there is any need for tutoring. Alternatively, adult education centers are always looking for interesting courses.

19. Open the unpacked shop

Do you want to do something for the environment and fight the packaging craze? How about a shop where all items are unpackaged and plastic is a no-go? Isn’t there? There is! And more and more often.

The demand, especially among environmentally conscious people who value sustainability, is growing daily. Unpacked stores are the latest craze and maybe your new business?

20. Fulfilled by Amazon

Have you always wanted to set up your own online shop? With the help of “Fulfillment by Amazon” (FBA) the dispatch and everything connected with it is taken over inexpensively. This will make it easier for you to focus on other things.

21. Photographer

Do you like to take pictures in your free time and your pictures hardly differ from a professional photographer? Combine your hobby with a side business. So you can slowly, without risk, create a second mainstay.

22. Catering

If you love to cook and enjoy being responsible for the food at family celebrations, a catering service might be the right business for you.

23. Sell handmade products

After a long day in the office, handwork can be a good balance. Crafts, crochet, knitting. There are many online portals through which you can sell homemade items. This way you can test how high the demand for your products is.

24. Tour Guide

Do you live in a city you love, but where you meet thousands of tourists every day like Bangalore? Use the interest of the tourists! Meet new people and show them the city from your perspective.

25. Start a YouTube channel

If your videos are so entertaining that a few thousand subscribers follow you, you can make good money. You make money from the ads that appear before your video.

26. Apartment rental

If you travel a lot for work and hardly use your apartment, why not rent it out to tourists? So you can easily earn money and get to know new people without much effort.

At Airbnb, you can create your own profile and easily organize the placement of your apartment.

27. Offer yoga classes

Like no other sport, yoga has become a trend in recent years. Whether young or old, male or female, sports enthusiast or sofa muffle – yoga is so versatile that there is something for everyone. The demand for courses continues to boom and it is therefore not surprising that more and more people are taking the step to become self-employed and to train as yoga teachers. Is yoga your passion too? Come on, what are you waiting for?

28. Bake

Have you always dreamed of owning your own pastry shop? Start small and ask your friends if there is a need for your goodies. Birthdays, weddings … Try it out and turn your hobby into a profession.

29. Fashion label

Establishing your own fashion label involves many risks. But in addition to a full-time job, this is easy to implement. Test how well your fashion items are received by customers and slowly start your own business.

30. Modeling

Do you always like to be in front of the camera? If so, a side business as a model might be right for you. This side business is easy to combine with your full-time job. Besides, you also earn good money.

31. Coaching sports teams

Do you miss the sports field? Then the side business as a team coach could be just the thing for you. After all, what could be better than pursuing your favorite sport and making money doing it?

32. Surprise Boxing

Great for beginner entrepreneurs. The idea of ​​creating boxes of surprises appeared a long time ago, but it remains relevant today, as the variations of creating this kind of products are enormously numerous.

Great for earning money at home, as it does not require an office or rented premises. You will need a supplier (depending on the subject of the boxes) or you can make your own purchases online, possibly in bulk.

It will also be good to have a fantasy of coming up with something new each time, preferably with your own options, not what you have seen on the Internet. You can then set up an online store.

33. Producing candles

Previously, candles were used as an element of lighting of rooms, nowadays they are more often used as decorative elements, the implementation of various design decisions.

In the general case, such candles are shaped like different objects and colors or completely create figures of characters, etc.

Candles can be made from natural wax. You will also need molds and a wrap (which can also be done with minimal cost). Flavored colored candles are in great demand.

34. Production of protein bars

Again, many people nowadays are concerned about proper nutrition, diets and fitness. Protein bars are in high demand, but as many manufacturers know, sometimes they are completely irresponsible about the quality of their products, so some prefer home-made bars.

It is very easy to organize such a business. It is enough to have some good recipes, quality ingredients and a page in soc. sales networks and their further promotion.

35. Production of bio-fireplaces

An active topic is gaining popularity, because every second one dreams of seeing a fireplace in their home or apartment. Undoubtedly, a bio-fireplace is more like an imitation of what we want to see. But this option is much cheaper for people than installing the classic version.

And the residents of the apartments and quite at hand. To realize this idea, you need a specially equipped room, something like a production shop with good ventilation. Requires glass cutters, materials for processing, various small electrical equipment and, of course, basic skills to work with the tool.

In the future, you can hire a specialist and only do the documentation and promotion of the company.

36. Courier service

Start small from Bangalore. With the increase of employees, you can offer delivery to other cities and regions.

37. Foreign language courses

Particularly popular are English, French and German, although you can get a group to study at the regional center and you can learn any other languages. Such business can be combined with the services of an interpreter.

38. Extreme driving courses

Perfect for those who love and are perfectly able to drive. Such a business will not only be profitable but also beneficial to society.

Drivers will be able to improve their driving skills and better control the situation on the road. At the same time, the courses will give the opportunity to “let off steam” and have a great time.

39. Creating themed photographic zones.

This service may be of interest to professional photographers as well as private companies that host corporate events, various conferences and trainings, high school and graduate students, and other individuals planning a large-scale celebration.


Many people are afraid of failing to become self-employed. But by starting a side business, these fears are minimized. By building a second pillar, the risks are lower and you get the opportunity to try it out before you put everything on one card.

So if you are ready to invest a lot of time and passion, you too can take the step into self-employment!

Did you like our list of 39 best business ideas in Bangalore or found it informative? Or if you just want to add something to our list of best business ideas in Bangalore then do comment in the comments section below! Also do not forget to share it.

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