The Small Scale Business Ideas & Opportunities in Assam

The economic situation in Assam remains largely agrarian. Assamese tea continues to be one of India’s major exports. Assam accounts for about fifteen percent of the total Indian production of tea. Some of the best quality tea comes from Assam.

The secondary sector includes industries with large and medium-scale production.

Other than agriculture, there are several other sectors from which the state earns revenue. These include fisheries, sericulture, forest and timber industry, chemicals and fertilizer industry, handloom, and textiles.

Assam is one of the largest producers of crude oil and natural gases in India. The agricultural-based economic situation has created numerous business options for entrepreneurs in Assam.

The small business ideas in Assam are diverse.

Below are some of the best low-cost small business ideas in Assam:

The Profitable Business Ideas in Assam

Auto Body Store

The automobile repair and sales industry in Assam is expanding. The transport facilities are also improving. You can open an automotive shop in Assam with allied service offerings.

The automotive repair and sales industry provides car repair and sales as well as spare parts and accessory sales.

Auto body shops are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, especially in developing countries.

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Candle Making

A candle-making venture can be started with a small start-up budget and a home-based base. People buy candles not only for religious reasons but also to scent and embellish their homes and workplaces.

The growing market for scented and decorative candle sales creates an enormous potential for new entrepreneurial ventures.

Starting a small-scale business can be a good way for people who want to earn some extra cash or even a full-fledged career.

Coffee Shop

If you’re looking for an idea for starting a successful café in urban and rural areas, then consider opening up a café. You could start off by investing some capital into buying equipment and hiring staff.

Starbucks is a good example of turning something you enjoy doing into a profitable, successful company. 

Computer Training Institute

A good idea would be to start a small business offering basic IT courses and then add value by adding extra services.

Fish Farming

The Fisheries Wing of the Government of Assam seeks to encourage commercial fishing in most of the rivers and lakes in the country.

Initiating a fishing enterprise is one of the most profitable small-scale businesses in Assam. The fishing industry requires specific know-how, skills, and continuous attention.

Commercial fishing has proved to be a highly profitable enterprise around the world.

Papad Making

Papad-makin’ biz is very profitable in the ‘food industry, considerin’ the investment o’ low start-up capital! This popular food item is often served up as an appetizer; it’s consumed in all parts of India. It’s a thin wafer-like product!

There are different types of pulses available, and they vary according to regional preferences. Some are widely used, but others are not.


The preschool industry in India has been growing rapidly due to the increase in awareness among parents about the benefits of early childhood development (ECD). ECD focuses on providing real-world experiences to young kids so they learn essential life skills.

Preschools in India currently generate revenues of close to Rs 4 billion (Rs 40 billion). There are two options available – one is franchising and the other one is starting your own. Read More…

Tea Bag Making

Assam is very popular for its teas. A large amount of Assam Teas is exported overseas. This trade in turn generates lots of income for the region. You can start a teabags-making enterprise here. Teabag’s manufacturing needs just two main raw materials -teas and paper bags.

If you want to be an aspiring businessman who knows something about making teas, then you could start a small, profitable enterprise by investing some money into buying bags of loose (unsealable) tea leaves.

Tea Processing

Assam is renowned worldwide for its wonderful flavor and aroma. Though Assam generally refers to the distinctively dark teals produced from Assam, the state also produces smaller quantities of green, white, and yellow teals with their own unique characteristics.

You can begin a coffee processing plant in Assam with substantial initial investments. This is one of Assam’s most legitimate business ideas.

 Vermiculture (also known as vermin

Composting using various types of worm castings (vermicast) is becoming an important part of agriculture business operations across the country.

A budding entrepreneur who has a special skill set in the manufacturing processes can start a vermicomposting organic fertilizer production company. It is one of the most lucrative businesses in Assam.

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