Discover 48 Business Ideas for a Small Town

Are you looking for profitable business ideas for a small town? If you’re, then you don’t have to go anywhere as you have landed in the right place!

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss 48 profitable business ideas that can be put into practice in a small town. So, let’s begin the show!

1 – Clothing Store

Clothing is a very stable sector and therefore promising to invest since it is one of the needs of society. Therefore, setting up a clothing store in a small town is an excellent business idea for those who want to undertake successfully. In this case, you can choose to offer clothes for all audiences or just for a segment, for example, for women, men or children.

The ideal is to do research and check what the need is, from there one should try to offer the product that has a lot of demand but is not easily found in the region. A clothing store should be set up in a location where there is a large flow of people.

  • Invest in a clothing store;
  • Check which product the public would like to buy;
  • Open the store in the downtown area;

2 – Footwear Store

Footwear is also part of the clothing and items that people usually renew over time. Therefore, this idea is a good business proposal. As with the previous alternative, you can choose to sell to all audiences or just one.

To be successful in setting up a shoe store, it is recommended to offer a variety of goods at an affordable price, in order to meet all needs.

  • Invest in a shoe store;
  • Offer a variety of products;
  • Trade quality goods;

3 – Bakery

Setting up a bakery is always a good deal for neighborhoods with a large concentration of people. After all, it offers a service that is of interest to most people. To be successful, it is recommended to produce quality products with variety.

To open this business, it will be necessary to count on an establishment that has a space for the production of food and others for sales to be made. Salty machines and ovens must be purchased to manufacture the products.

  • Set up the bakery in a neighborhood where people are crowded;
  • Offer quality products;
  • Buy the necessary equipment;

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4 – Beauty Salon

Investing in a beauty salon is an excellent alternative for those who have aptitude for this business. The salon can operate from a simple system, it is enough to offer a service of varied quality and alternative to be successful.

To enter this sector, it is necessary to have adequate space and furniture to serve customers, qualified professionals to carry out all procedures and also equipment for the tasks.

  • Have an adequate space to set up the beauty salon;
  • Count on quality professionals;
  • Purchase the appropriate equipment to carry out the activities;

5- Perfumery

Exhaling a pleasant perfume is the desire of many people, but they do not always find the ideal fragrance. Therefore, making a wide range of perfumes available is a method to meet all the needs of the region and generate financial profit.

Therefore, a great business idea is to set up a perfumery in the town center. The advantage of this business is that it takes up little space, making the largest investment in goods.

  • Install perfumery in the downtown area;
  • Offer a variety of perfumes;
  • Invest in quality products;

6 – Pharmacy

Who has never needed to buy a simple medication or even something that has been prescribed? However, in small towns, it is common not to find the right product or to pay a price for the fact that there is no competitor. Therefore, you have pharmaceutical knowledge to open a pharmacy.

A pharmacy should offer medicines, aesthetic products and small goods such as candies, juices, among others. It is also necessary to have qualified professionals to market medicines.

  • Open the pharmacy in an area with a high flow of people;
  • Offers medicines and a variety of products;
  • Have qualified professionals to serve customers;

7 – Lottery House

Opening a lottery house shop has good chances to undertake and generate profits, as its establishment offers a variety of alternatives, such as placing bets, withdrawing money from Casino, paying bills, among other services.

8 – Pizzeria

The pizzeria is a simple business that can bring a very positive financial return. For this endeavor, it is necessary to have a place to produce the goods and another to welcome customers. You must have adequate furniture to serve the products.

To attract consumers, make available a variety of flavors and make promotions on special dates.

  • Have a structure to produce pizzas and another to serve customers;
  • Deliver at home;
  • Offer a variety of flavors;

9 – Steakhouse

Investing in a steakhouse is an excellent opportunity to succeed, especially in central locations. For this type of business, it is necessary to have a spacious environment, as one has to have a place to prepare food and another to serve consumers.

Offer quality products. Run promotions that are able to attract people, even during the week. Make reservations available for holding events.

  • Have a wide structure;
  • Offer a quality service;
  • Make reservations for events;

10- Restaurant

The advantage of setting up a restaurant in a small town is being able to choose different audiences. You can open an establishment for those who are working and need to go out to eat, for those who are doing some kind of celebration or gourmet space, which serves fewer customers, makes differentiated dishes for higher values.

To open this business, it is necessary to have a simple structure, having a lounge to welcome customers and a reserved area to produce the dishes. You should also purchase furniture and appliances suitable for the business. In addition to specialized labor.

  • Choose a specific type of restaurant for a specific audience;
  • Offer quality food;
  • Purchase the necessary materials;

11 – Cosmetics Shop

The beauty market has been one of the factors that drives the economy, being characterized as a very promising investment area. For those interested in this area, a good tip is to open a cosmetics store, which does not necessarily need to be large, just have enough space to store products and serve customers.

In this case, one must seek reliable and quality suppliers. The ideal is to offer a wide variety of articles, catering to all preferences.

  • The cosmetic store does not need a large space;
  • Offer quality products;
  • Provide a diversity of products;

12 – Uniform Shop

A uniform store has a simple operating system and brings good returns. When working in this area, school and worker uniforms can be made in order to make partnerships with companies that need these articles.

Have you ever thought about setting up a uniform factory? This can also be a good business idea.

To open this, it is necessary to have a space to display the products and others to make them, having the machines, materials, and tools to carry out the activities.

  • Offer uniforms for schools and businesses;
  • Partner to provide uniforms for large companies;
  • Purchase the necessary equipment to work;

13 – Travel Agency

This is a good idea for those who live in regions that offer attractions for tourists such as, for example, countryside, beach, among other landscapes. This business is practical, easy and profitable. It is necessary to ask the city hall for authorization to explore the spaces in a tourist way.

The structure of a tourism agency is basically a room, computer, telephone, and furniture to organize the space. Employees must be trained to guide tourists and seek knowledge about the city in order to explain each region.

  • The tourist agency has a simple operating system;
  • Set up a practical structure;
  • Empower employees to serve tourists;

14 – Crockery Rental

On special occasions, people do not always have the necessary items to welcome guests. So how about offering these items? Setting up a dishwasher rental company is a good investment, you should buy the dishes and advertise the business.

To satisfy the client, buy quality items that offer beauty for the celebrations. Keep the products in good condition, making maintenance whenever possible.

  • Purchase crockery in different styles;
  • The products must be of quality;
  • Keep the dishes in good condition;

15 – Party Dress Rental

Buying party clothes for many people is not worth it, as it will only be worn once. Therefore, a business idea is to open a company to rent costumes for events such as, for example, weddings, debutante party, graduation, among others.

Buy quality clothes and suits, in different numbers and different models, in order to meet everyone’s needs.

  • Rent clothes for events;
  • Offer different models and numbers;
  • Invest in quality clothing;

16 – Haberdashery

The haberdashery is a very useful type of business. To work in this field and set up a haberdashery store, all you need is a space to serve customers and buy goods for repair and customization of clothing.

The idea of ​​this type of company is to sell simple articles that are sought after by many people, such as buttons, threads, needles, zippers, fabric, among others.

  • The structure of a haberdashery is simple;
  • Purchase the parts to sell;
  • Offer a variety of products;

17 – Furniture Store

This work area works like any type of business. It is necessary to make an investment and it would look like factories to buy the furniture. There should be ample space to serve customers and exhibit goods, as well as a stock to store parts.

Preferably, the furniture store should be installed in a place where there is an intense flow of people, making it more accessible to the public.

  • Provide a space to install the store;
  • Make contact with furniture suppliers;
  • Open the store in the central area of ​​the city;

18 – Furniture Restoration

Over time, it is common for some furniture to suffer minor damage, however, they continue with the structure in good condition. In this case, it would be interesting to have the furniture restoration service.

To open a furniture restoration store, you must have a space to serve customers, an environment to carry out repairs and transportation to move items.

  • Have a broad environment to start the business;
  • Purchase the necessary equipment to do the restorations;
  • Count on a truck to transport the furniture;

19 – Computer Technical Assistance

Electronic devices such as cell phones and computers are present in more than 60% of homes today. Like any machine, they also tend to have problems over time, and they need to be fixed.

To enter this market, you must be specialized in repairing computers and computer related devices. The structure for setting up a computer technical assistance is minimal and can be mounted in a small space. You must have the necessary tools to make repairs.

  • The person must specialize in repairing computer products;
  • Open the company in a small space;
  • Buy the right tools for the job;
  • You may also like the idea of opening a cell phone service.

20 – Driving school

Driving school is a service that people interested in driving will need. To open a driving school, it is necessary to have a more complex structure, for example, rooms for theoretical classes, vehicles for practical classes, purchase instructional materials, in addition to adapting to standards.

It is also necessary to hire qualified professionals to be able to teach classes to students.

  • Build the school in a wide space;
  • Purchase the vehicles needed for classes;
  • Hire quality professionals;

21 – Barber Shop

The barber shop is an old service, but it still has good returns today. To be successful in this area, the tip is to offer differentiated services in addition to shaving and cutting hair, such as skin treatment, among other alternatives.

To set up a barber shop, you must have a medium-sized space, acquire furniture and adequate tools to carry out all activities.

  • Have an adequate space for the barber shop;
  • Purchase the appropriate furniture and tools to work with;
  • Offer differentiated services;

22- Bowling

Entertainment is also a good sector to invest in, as people look for ways to entertain themselves in their free time. To invest in a bowling alley, you must install the company in an area that is easily accessible to people.

In addition to offering the bowling game itself, it is also necessary to make other options available, such as pool, games, drinks and food.

  • Install it in an easily accessible area;
  • Offer games other than bowling;
  • Organize the environment in a cozy way;

23 -Tire Shop

Opening a tire shop is quite simple, since it comprises a simple structure and services, but they are of great use. In this field, the main activities developed are tire replacement and repair, wheel balancing, cambering.

To increase profits, you can also sell new and used tires, as well as simple products that are normally used by drivers. The shop can be opened in a small location.

  • Have knowledge in the main services provided by a tire repair shop;
  • Offer other services;
  • The structure of the tire repair shop is simple;

24 – Car Wash

When choosing to open a car wash, it is necessary to keep in mind that besides the basic service, it is also necessary to offer additional services, such as polishing, waxing, among other things that attract the client.

In this case, it is necessary to have ample space, since the environment needs to include the cars and tools used in the tasks. You have to invest in jet wash machines and accessories for other activities.

  • In addition to the car wash, offer other services;
  • Have ample space;
  • Purchase the necessary machines for the job;

25 – Thrift Store

The advantage of opening a thrift store is that you can choose to work with different sales lines, as you can choose to sell only shoes, clothes, toys, accessories or retro products.

To work in this area, it is necessary to have an adequate space to serve customers and exhibit the goods, which obviously must be in good condition.

  • Provide an appropriate space to serve consumers;
  • Choose a product line to sell;
  • Invest in goods that are in good condition;

26 – Party Buffet

Large parties require more elaborate preparation, as every detail needs to be taken care of carefully. The food that will be served at the event is one of the biggest concerns of the organizers, who usually delegate this function to buffets.

Therefore, setting up a party buffet is a good investment, to be successful it is necessary to prepare quality food that meets the needs of contractors. You can set up a menu or work according to the requests of each celebration.

  • Have a space to prepare food;
  • Put together a menu or work with specific orders;
  • Hire professionals who know how to organize a buffet;

27 – Rent Toys for Children’s Parties

There is no lack of fun at children’s parties. For this to happen, in addition to sweets it is also necessary to provide toys for children. Therefore, rent trampoline, ball pool, tunnel, balloon house, among other items.

  • In this situation, the biggest investment will be on the purchase of the products, since the shop can be set up in a small space, and should only have an appropriate environment to store the toys.
  • Purchase a variety of toys for children’s parties;
  • Have a space to store the products;
  • The shop’s structure is small;

28 – Hot Dog Cart

With the rush of everyday life many people prefer to have a quick snack, opting for snack bars or food sold on the street. Therefore, a good business alternative is to invest in a hot dog cart that should be installed, preferably, in the downtown area.

The investment includes the purchase of the cart, a request from the city hall to be able to work on the street and also the purchase of ingredients to prepare food. Commercialized food must be prepared in compliance with all hygiene rules.

  • Install the cart in a busy area;
  • Ask for authorization to be able to work smoothly;
  • Obey hygiene rules to offer a quality product;

29 – Espresso

Setting up an espresso is an interesting business, especially for regions where many companies are present, so the establishment can become a meeting point for people who transit through the place.

To set up this business, you must invest in a large environment, having enough space to prepare products and another to serve customers. In addition to coffee, you should also offer extras such as cakes, pies and practical snacks.

  • Find a strategic point to open the business;
  • Offer extras in addition to espresso;
  • Organize the space in a cozy way;

30 – Popcorn Cart

Working with the popcorn cart is a simple business, as it requires little structure. It is necessary to invest in the purchase of the cart and make a request to the city hall to be able to work in the public space.

In addition to busy places, on weekends you can also install the cart in parks and in front of events that bring together a significant number of people.

  • Get the cart;
  • Request authorization to work;
  • Install the cart in a space where people are crowded;

31 – Juice House

The juice house is a good business alternative for regions with higher temperatures. Ideally, the project should be installed in busier locations, making it accessible to the public.

To attract customers, it is recommended to offer juices in different flavors, in order to please all tastes. Set up a comfortable space to serve customers.

  • Install the shop in a busy location;
  • Offer variety of juices;
  • Provide a comfortable space for customers;

32 – Pies and Cakes House

Setting up a pie and cake house is ideal for anyone who has the skills to prepare these treats. The service must be started in an attractive location for consumers. The internal space must be comfortable and pleasant.

In addition to pies and cakes, you can also offer juices, coffee, chocolate, among other drinks that please the taste of customers.

  • Start the service in the central area;
  • The house must be comfortable;
  • Diversify the menu;

33 – Aesthetics Center

With the advancement of technology, new products and aesthetic techniques constantly appear to benefit the body. In search of a specific treatment or to preserve its beauty many people resort to these procedures.

Therefore, opening an aesthetic center is a good market to invest in. In this case, it is necessary to have an adequate space to serve customers and others to carry out the treatments, have qualified professionals, purchase products and tools that make the activities feasible.

  • Have an adequate space;
  • Invest in qualified labor;
  • Purchase quality products and materials;

34 – Keychain

At some point in life almost everyone has needed the service of a locksmith, which is of great use in any region. To set up this business you can count on a simple space.

The investment must be made in a device for copying and molding keys, in addition to the purchase of raw materials.

  • Start the shop in a central area;
  • Have a space to work;
  • Buy the tools needed to work;

35 – Pet Shop

Pets are increasingly present among families, and with them comes expenses, as owners invest in health care and aesthetics of pets.

Therefore, a good business idea is to open a Pet Shop, ideally that the establishment be set up in an area where there are many pets. The services offered can range from bathing, grooming, brushing, dyeing, to selling accessories.

  • Start the service at a strategic point;
  • Provide basic services for animals;
  • Market accessories and food for pets;
  • Another business suggestion that may be interesting in your case is to set up a mobile pet shop.

36 – Veterinary Clinic

Pet care goes far beyond offering pampering, it is also necessary to pay attention to their health. Therefore, those who have a veterinary background can bet on opening a clinic for this audience.

The veterinary clinic must be large, have enough space for activities to be carried out properly. It is necessary to invest in medicines, tools and appropriate accessories to treat animals.

  • Have ample space to work;
  • Purchase the instruments and accessories to perform the procedures;
  • To work in this area, training is required;

37 – Recycling Collection

Adopting sustainability as a way of working is one of the global trends. Therefore, setting up a company that collects recyclable material is a promising alternative to undertake.

To work in this area, it is necessary to have a space to work with the materials and also a vehicle to collect them. Recycled articles can be transformed into new products and later marketed.

  • This business sector is promising;
  • Invest in an adequate space to work;
  • Have a vehicle to transport the objects;

38 – Trade in Grass

To have a beautiful grass in the garden, the soil must provide the necessary conditions, but this is not always possible. Which means that people have to turn to grass shops.

To work with this business, you must have adequate land to be able to plant the grass, tools and products to treat it.

  • Have adequate land to plant the grass;
  • Purchase the necessary products to work;
  • Use proper techniques to make the grass resistant;

39- Cutting and Sewing Clothes

After being used several times, some garments may release the button, fail to zipper or sew, but not because they can be discarded. Who has knowledge in clothing repairs to set up a business to meet this need.

The advantage of the business is that it requires a small space and few instruments, such as a sewing machine, needles, fabrics and threads.

  • Have knowledge in sewing and repair of clothing;
  • Have a small space to work;
  • Purchase the materials and tools necessary to carry out the activity;

40 – Nursery

This business requires a larger structure and can bring good financial returns. It is necessary to have an adequate and adapted space for children, to have a leisure and study area. In addition to having suitable professionals to work with babies.

A day care center involves maximum responsibility, so it is necessary to take every care so that the company is able to teach and preserve the integrity of the little ones.

  • Adapt the space to meet children’s needs;
  • Purchase educational materials and toys to entertain children;
  • Hire qualified professionals;

41- Floriculture

Whether to present someone on a special date or to set up their own garden, people need to use the service of a florist. Anyone who likes to work with plants and flowers can invest in this business.

To work in the area, it is necessary to have knowledge about plant cultivation. You must purchase the seedlings and products necessary to treat the flowers. In addition to physical sales, it can also be sold over the internet.

  • Have an adequate structure to display the flowers;
  • Purchase a variety of flower and plant seedlings;
  • Market through the internet;

42- Music for Events

A good alternative for those who own a band or sing alone is to invest in a music company for events. In this case, it is necessary to rely on musical instruments and the talent of the singers.

To attract customers, it is recommended to advertise the business through social networks and posters that reach the intended audience.

  • The company requires a small structure;
  • Purchase the necessary equipment;
  • Promote the business;

43- Amusement Park

In small towns, there are usually few alternatives for fun for the younger crowd. Therefore, those who have ample space have the option to invest in the opening of an amusement park.

In this situation, it is necessary to acquire toys, the products must be in good condition and be safe, avoiding accidents and losses. To attract the public, you can hold events on special dates.

  • Have a suitable area;
  • Buy the toys;
  • Hold events to attract customers;

44- Gym

More and more people are looking to take care of their bodies. Setting up a gym is a good idea to undertake, especially if it is located in a central area.

Have adequate space and space, invest in the purchase of equipment to carry out physical activities. Gym professionals should have training in physical education in order to preserve people’s health.

  • Set up the gym in a central area;
  • Have a spacious place;
  • Hire specialized employees;

45- Hoteling

Setting up a hotel is a good undertaking for those who live in a town that offers good weather for tourism. In this case, the investment is higher, and it is necessary to open the hotel in a location that is attractive to people.

In addition, the place must be large to accommodate tourists comfortably. The rooms need organized and pleasant to meet the needs of regulars.

  • Set up the hostel in an appropriate area;
  • The house must be comfortable;
  • Provide quality service;

46- Jewelry Store

Jewelry is a part of women’s daily life, which makes many women buy these items frequently. Opening a jewelry store is a good business alternative, as the products have a lot of demand.

To work, it is necessary to have an appropriate space to serve customers and exhibit the products. In addition, to buying from suppliers that offer quality jewelry.

  • Have an adequate space;
  • Purchase quality products;
  • Promote the store;

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47- Party Decoration

The decoration of the party is one of the main details for the event to be a success. People who have knowledge in wedding party decorations, graduation, children’s birthday, among others, can make this a means of work.

You can also set up a children’s party decoration service, that is, something more specific usually has a lot of demand and generates good profits.

To work in this area, it is necessary to invest in the materials used for decoration. The space of the company can be small, one that will be done only for attendance. The project has to be publicized to reach the public.

  • Invest in the purchase of decoration materials;
  • Offer different decorations;
  • Promote the service;

48- Photography for Events

When holding a celebration, people seek to record the most important moments. Professionals working with photography and video can set up a company to provide this service for events.

The business requires a small structure, and it is necessary to invest in quality photos and video cameras, as well as computers to edit the captured content. The project must be disclosed.

  • The company requires a small structure;
  • Invest in the necessary equipment to work;
  • Promote the service;

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